29 April 2020

On the development of the digital economy

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree “On measures for the widespread adoption of the digital economy and e-government”

The main tasks are defined:

the formation of a digital economy, providing for an increase in its share in the country’s gross domestic product by 2 times by 2023, including through the introduction of a set of information systems in production management, the widespread use of software products for reporting in financial and economic activities, as well as automation of technological processes ;

ensuring the most complete modernization of the country’s digital infrastructure and the availability of modern telecommunication services in the regions;

development of the e-government system, providing for a 60 percent increase in the share of electronic public services by 2022;

the development of “digital entrepreneurship” through the production of software products and the creation of technological platforms, an increase in the volume of services in this area by 3 times by 2023, bringing their exports to $ 100 million;

widespread adoption of digital technologies at all stages of the education system, raising the level of digital knowledge necessary for the modern economy, improving the education infrastructure, and opening, by 2022, digital knowledge training centers in all regions of the republic as part of the Five Initiatives project.

In the structure of the central apparatus of the Ministry for the Development of Information Technologies and Communications, the post of deputy minister responsible for accelerated digitalization of the agricultural sector is being introduced.

The Office for the Development of Digital Technologies in the Agricultural Field and the Office for the Development of Geoinformation Technologies are being created.

Now state bodies and organizations have the right to hold competitions exclusively among residents of the Technology Park of software products and information technologies under one contract for the development, implementation, integration and technical support of information systems and software products worth up to 1 billion sum.