09 March 2020

Uzbek textile products trading house opens in New York

In New York, the official opening ceremony of the next Uzbek trading house of SAG companies (Samarkand) for the sale of branded carpets, as well as Gulnor (Shakhrisabz) for the sale of textile products from silk was held.

According to the Uzbek Embassy in Washington, already in the second Uzbek trading house, opened in the United States over the past two years, organized the sale of Uzbek carpets and traditional textile products from silk.

The trading platform will also serve as a “showroom” for various exhibitions and fairs of goods of domestic manufacturers, including a wide range of home textile products. Visitors to the trading house praised the quality and variety of Uzbek textiles. As emphasized, US-supplied products are in high demand and highly competitive.

Currently, the total volume of the first batch of carpet and textile products supplied by Uzbek companies from Uzbekistan for two trading houses (in the cities of Philadelphia and New York) amounted to 32 tons in the amount of about US$300,000, and additionally shipped products US$350,000.

On the eve, “Gulnor”, an Uzbek company, also participated in New York in the international exhibition “New York NOW” – the world’s largest venue for the exhibition and sale of textile products from manufacturers. The event was attended by over 2,300 brands from 80 countries.