07 August 2023

Poland considers prospects for investing in the production of berry crops in Uzbekistan

The Ambassador of Uzbekistan Bakhrom Babayev held a meeting in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship with the owner of the “Plantin” company, Tadeusz Kusibab, the correspondent of “Dunyo” news agency reports.

The parties discussed the issue of investing in the production of berry crops in Uzbekistan – blueberries, raspberries, currants, honeysuckle (Kamchatka berries), as well as hazelnuts and others.

The meeting was also attended by experts in the field of agriculture, professors Grzegosh Cheslinsky and Slavomir Wroblewsky, who have been teaching at the International Agricultural University in Tashkent for two years.

The family company “Plantin” was founded in 1981, located near the city of Krakow. It specializes in the production of seedlings of berry crops using the In-vitro method – about 6 million annually. Products are exported to 23 countries of the world. The company has its own In-vitro laboratory, equipped with the most advanced technology, modern greenhouse facilities of the fifth generation, has all the necessary certificates for carrying out activities, including in foreign countries.

Blueberries, raspberries and honeysuckle are used not only as food, but also as raw materials for the production of pharmaceuticals, as they have healing properties as antioxidants.

The interlocutor expressed his readiness to send direct investments in the amount of about 8-10 million US dollars both for the production of seedlings and for the creation of plantations for growing berries. According to him, about 20 tons of blueberries are harvested from 1 hectare in Poland, while the climatic conditions of Uzbekistan make it possible to collect up to 40 tons.

Tadeusz Kusibab assured of his readiness, if the project is successful, to also invest in the processing of berries and produce juices, jams, syrups and extracts, frozen products. In addition, he proposed organizing 3 and 6-month courses for training and retraining Uzbek specialists in the production of fruit and berry crops.

The Polish entrepreneur asked to submit a climate map of the territory of Uzbekistan to select the optimal varieties of berry crops and their further zoning, as well as to organize a visit to Uzbekistan in the first half of September to organize meetings and get acquainted with the conditions of investment. During the visit, soil and water samples will also be taken for laboratory testing.