08 July 2020

The establishment of state-owned companies was restricted In Uzbekistan

President Shavkat Mirziyev has signed decree «On additional measures for further development of competitive environment and reduction of state participation in economy».

On 1 October, companies with State participation, affiliated persons and State institutions (except for defence and national security) may not be established in areas where five or more private companies are present in the same commodity market.

The decree also provides for changes in public procurement. In particular, since 1 January 2021, performers are obliged to disclose information about their beneficiaries, who have control of 25% or more, within two days from the day they are declared winners.

The authorities as a whole will begin to focus more on the principle of «yellow pages» – Yellow Pages Rule. The point is that the State must supply all goods and services to the private sector if their suppliers are to be found in the telephone directory.