20 May 2019

WB direct $4 billion for projects in Uzbekistan

Over the next two months, the World Bank will allocate US $ 400 million to implement four projects in Uzbekistan.

“Our (investment) portfolio in Uzbekistan will be the second largest in the region of Central Asia. It will include 23 projects for 4 billion US dollars. Recently there has been quite a big jump. Since joining Shavkat Mirziyoyev as president, we have approved 8 projects worth $ 2 billion. While in 2015–2017, we on average approved 2–3 projects for 350 million, ”said Hideki Mori.

The head of the WB office, Hideki Mori, also expressed his opinion on the role of international ratings in the development of Uzbekistan.

“Ratings are food for thought. Separately, no rating fully reflects the situation. All these figures show the situation as a whole. Some ratings may not even be based on an accurate measurement. Therefore, you need to understand what is behind this information. You can be happy or sad about the place in the ranking, but it is important to know the reasons that served this in order to make more progress, ”said Hideki Mori.