18 April 2023

China is ready to invest in a large agro-logistic center of Uzbekistan

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan hosted a meeting between the Minister of Agriculture Aziz Voitov and delegations from China led by Yibo Wang, Deputy General Director of the Department of Agriculture of “CITIC GROUP”, the press service of the Ministry reports.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the project for the construction of the Agrological Park in the Khavast district of the Syrdarya region. The cost of the project is 50 million US dollars.

At the meeting, the objects that are planned to be created on the allocated area of 32 hectares were discussed, in particular:

  • warehouses with a capacity of 50 thousand tons, a turnover of 300 thousand tons of agricultural products, including sorting, processing, storage, cooling and packaging;
  • offices and hotels with at least 200 rooms;
  • the customs post;
  • car park;
  • phytosanitary and veterinary inspection point;
  • receiving point for containers and other facilities.

This large logistics center will connect our country with Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, China and Afghanistan.

The cooperation of our countries in the creation of this facility involves the following model:

  • external infrastructure entirely from Uzbekistan;
  • the creation of an agro-logistics center involves 100 percent investment by China with a payback period of 7 years.

In turn, the Uzbek side provides government support, including an investor visa, free conversion, tax incentives, as well as legal guarantees on the basis of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On investments and investment activities”.