22 May 2023

Uzbekistan exported gold for more than $3 billion in four months

In January-April, Uzbekistan’s foreign trade turnover amounted to $19.57 billion. Compared to the same period last year, it increased by 13.4%, Spot reports with reference to the Statistics Agency under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Export for four months amounted to $7.66 billion, having increased by 6.2% compared to last year. Imports showed a more significant increase – by 18.6%, to $11.91 billion. The negative foreign trade balance reached $4.25 billion.

In April, Uzbekistan reduced the export of gold to $650 million. The total volume of precious metal supplies abroad amounted to $3.06 billion.

China remains the first trading partner for Uzbekistan with $3.3 billion (almost 17% of total trade), of which Chinese imports accounted for $2.72 billion. Russia retains its place as the main export market for Uzbek goods ($585.4 million) and second in imports ($2.15 billion).


Excluding gold, the largest share in Uzbekistan’s merchandise exports fell on manufactured goods – $1.3 billion. Compared to last year, their supplies fell by 13.6%.

Revenues from the export of textiles and fabrics decreased by almost 17% and amounted to $680 million. The export of non-ferrous metals decreased even more – by 21%, to $418.7 million. At the same time, supplies of pig iron and steel doubled and reached $71.9 million.

Food exports grew by 20% to $473.4 million. Most of it was fruits and vegetables ($268 million, +13%) and grains ($167.8 million, +48%), deliveries in the group of coffee, tea, cocoa and spices ($10.7 million).

The third place was taken by engineering products with $376.6 million (+74%). Exports of cars ($120 million) grew by 44%, electrical equipment ($75.4 million) – by 53%. Shipments of communication and audio recording devices grew 7.7 times to $50 million.

Next are consumer goods with $372 million (+22.8%). Deliveries of ready-made clothing increased by a quarter to $314.3 million, shoes — to $13.1 million.

Following with a slight lag is chemical products — $370 million (+2.1%). Revenue from inorganics rose by a third to $156.5 million, but shipments of plastics fell by about 30% ($71.9 million) and fertilizers by 27.5% ($77.4 million).

Commodity exports remain relatively low. Thus, revenue from the supply of gas ($117.9 million) and raw materials for fertilizers ($9.2 million) sank by more than half. At the same time, exports of oil and petroleum products grew by 89% to $64.4 million.


In the structure of imports of goods, as before, engineering products are in the lead with $4.73 billion (+33.3%). Thus, Uzbekistan spent 41% more on car imports than last year — $408 million. Another $527.9 million was car parts (+15%). Also, aircraft purchases more than tripled – almost $ 788 million.

The second place is occupied by manufactured goods — $1.82 billion. Iron and steel supplies reached last year’s level ($764.5 million), while imports of rubber products increased by 42%. Chemical products are in third place with $1.58 billion. At the same time, supplies of medical and pharmaceutical products decreased slightly ($523.9 million).

Food supplies increased by 6.7% and amounted to $1.18 billion. Of these, $442 million (+19.3%) was spent on cereals, $188 million (+42%) on sugar and confectionery, and $124 on vegetables and fruits .3 million